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Mortgage Brokers Regina  
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Mortgage Brokers Regina
Mortgage Brokers Regina
Mortgage Brokers Regina
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Mortgage Brokers Regina

Elaine Terry (AMP)

My Personal Resume'

I was born and raised in the city of Regina and  have been in the business of Financing and Credit for a total of 24 years.  I have serviced consumers across the country with their personal Credit and the financing of Mortgages. The first 12 years of my 29 years experience was that as an employee with The Credit Bureau Of Equifax.  My extensive experience with credit has given me the opportunity to teach every client that comes to me all the knowledge they deserve to understand their credit.  This teaching can help clients to better understand how to keep their credit in good order, and for some clients, how to build their credit for their future plans.  My personal interests are:  Family, good friends, music and activities on those warm summer days.  

Credentials and Achievements as a Mortgage Professional:

1.  I have been a CAAMP member for over 10 years as well as a an Accredited Mortgage Specialist (AMP), and keep up with the writing and passing of exams in the Mortgage Industry.  CAAMP stands for:  Canadian Association Of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.  I believe it is of importance to keep up with the standards of education and the knowledge of current programs provided by all lenders  and all Mortgage Insurers alike.

2.  An Elite Award For Mortgage Business.

My Goal for my clients 

1.  As an independent Mortgage Broker, I have no personal gain by using any one specific lender.  I use my expertise in matching each and every client with (The Right Lender and The Right Product.)   There are many, many different products to choose from from a wide arrange of lenders.  I have proven over and over,  each client has a different need.

2.  I will personally take my clients from the beginning of an application through to the completion of the mortgage.  Whether it be a refinance or  cash out from an already existing property, prime residence or rental, a purchase plus improvements or a construction mortgage, my clients will be offered all of professional services to complete the mortgage.  What does this mean to you as a client?  I am able to refer to my clients:  1.  The lawyer in the closing of the mortgage with estimates given upon request from the lawyer free of charge.  2.  Fire/ Home policy for purchases.  3.  Life, disability and critical illness coverage.   Basically, I can be your one stop shop if you so choose any or all of the above.

Mortgage Brokers Regina

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Mortgage Brokers Regina Mortgage Brokers Regina
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